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Eamon Gilmore and Pat Rabbitte

“In Ireland our party has no regular source of income, whatever resources we have secured it has been through our own efforts, we state in confidence to you, that we do not allow ourselves to be restricted in the methods of raising resources,” states a four-page letter to the SED  [East German Ruling Party,the East German Socialist Unity Party of Germany ] central committee, dated February 26th, 1989.

"Legal and illegal means have been employed by us. We well recognize the dangers involved in some of our resources raising activity in Ireland and we are constantly examining ways and means whereby this danger can be eliminated.”

So said Sean Garland, general secretary of the Workers' Party in 1989. In 1989 both Rabbitte and Gilmore were elected as Workers' Party TDs. Gilmore joined the Official Republican movement when he was in college in 1975. Rabitte was first elected as a Workers' Party councilor in 1985. Today Eamon Gilmore today is of course leader of the Labour party,  Tánaiste and Minister for Forign Affairs and Trade. Rabbitte is Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

We are all familiar with Gerry Adams denials he was in the PIRA, but at least he didn't pretend that they didn't exist. The Workers' Party, in which Gilmore and Rabbitte were leading members, routinely denied that the OIRA or "Group B" existed. However with the release of Garlands letter in the Irish Times (incidentally his old buddies in Labour campaigned to stop him from getting extradited to America recently over "superdollar" forgery charges. Garland was ultimately successful in his attempts to block extradition) we have a clear admission that the Workers' Party had no "regular" income and was funded by "illegal" means.

Everyone already knew this, but this letter serves as final confirmation. The Workers' Party was funded by bank robberies, theft, intimidation and forgery. (A printing press linked to the party was involved in forging money)

"Raising party funds was crucial to fight effective campaigns on both sides of the Border, he wrote, particularly as the party had just ordered a new offset printing press costing a total of £170,000 with a five-year bank “laese” (sic).
“Over the past years we have had to borrow large amounts of money to expand and maintain the party. Our technical section has been severly restricted for tactical reasons because of the dangers involved in illegal activity.”

Were the numerous election campaigns of the Workers' Party, including those of Gilmore and Rabbitte during the eighties and later funded by the OIRA? Garland says the party was funded by "illegal" means. Gilmore and Rabbitte have "both denied having any knowledge of illegal fundraising by their former political party." They also stated that they received no funds from Workers' Party headquarters for their 1989 general election campaign. What about their previous election campaigns? Ones such as these for example?

Are we supposed to believe that Gilmore and Rabbitte never got any money at all from their party to run campaigns or to carry out any other political activity? Ever?

[From "The Lost Revolution"]
“Group B’s continued importance was evident in a financial report…in October 1990. From October 1989 until September 1990, costs covered by party head office had amounted to £360,300, of which WP funds provided £189,900 with the balance of £170,600 met by Repsol.”

Repsol were their publishing organ and were involved, according to the book and other sources, with money laundering and all sorts of other illegal activity. Take a look at who published and printed the election leaflets previously linked.

It is incomprehensible that members of the Workers' Party did not know of "Group B" and their activities. In fact in the book it is asserted that De Rossa (former IRA prisoner, TD, MEP) a close ally of the twosome was assured by Garland around 1990 that Group B was to be wound up and criminal activity would stop... ie De Rossa knew of "Group B" and their activity. Garland lied anyway and activity did not cease. Gilmore, De Rossa, Rabbitte and co split from the workers party and set up Democratic Left after 92 and merged (and later in effect took over) Labour in 1999.

Throughout the 1980s, allegations that the Official IRA remained in existence and was engaged in criminal activity appeared in the Irish press. In June 1982 the feud with the INLA flared again after OIRA member James Flynn, the alleged assassin of Seamus Costello,[13] was shot dead by the INLA in Dublin.[14] In December 1985 five men, including a Mr. Anthony McDonagh, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the Inland Revenue in Northern Ireland—McDonagh was described in court as an Official IRA Commander.[15] In February 1992 a British Spotlight programme alleged that the Official IRA was still active and involved in widespread racketeering and armed robberies.[16]
These eventually proved a considerable political embarrassment to the Workers' Party, and in 1992 the leadership proposed amendments to the party constitution which would, inter alia, effectively allow it to purge members suspected of involvement in the Official IRA. This proposal failed to obtain the required two-thirds support at the party conference that year, and as a result the leadership, including six of the party's seven members of Dáil Éireann, left to establish a new party, later named Democratic Left.
From Wikipedia

There are certainly questions for Gilmore and Co to answer.

As well as "money raising exercises" the OIRA were involved in numerous acts of violence including the notorious murder of Seamus Costello, this is the only time a leader of an Irish political party has been murdered.
From Irish Election Literature

"Of all the politicians and political people with whom I have had conversations, and whom I have had conversations, and who called themselves followers of Connolly, he was the only one who truly understood what James Connolly meant when he spoke of his vision of the freedom of the Irish people”
—Nora Connolly O'Brien

The OIRA met and were active until at least the mid nineties.

Despite the history of the Workers' Party Gilmore, Rabbitte and Enda Kenny (etc etc) routinely berate Sinn Féin about the provos in the Dáil every time SF ask a question.

This attack by Gilmore on Mary Lou McDonald is a prime example:
TANAISTE Eamon Gilmore has launched his most stinging attack to date on Sinn Fein, declaring: "How many bodies are buried on this island because of Sinn Fein."
Mr Gilmore was responding to Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary-Lou McDonald’s allegations of “sharp corrupt practice” by Health Minister Dr James Reilly.....
Mr Gilmore said McDonald had “some neck”.
“So much illegal activity. How many bodies are buried on this island because of Sinn Fein. You have a neck. You have a neck,” he said.
'How many bodies are buried on this island because of Sinn Féin?' - Gilmore

Kathleen and Bernard Lynch

I think Gilmore and Rabbitte and the other ex stickies in Labour (including Minister Kathleen Lynch who was a member of the Workers' Party too along with Gilmore and Rabbitte. Her PA, wages paid by the Irish people, is her husband Bernard Lynch who was acquitted of the brutal machine gun murder of Larry White on a technicality)  should look at themselves, and Kenny should look at who sits beside him, before pontificating about the IRA.

Workers' Party members have had a huge influence, with secret cumann in organisations like RTE for example, on the media over the past few decades. These "sleepers" are perhaps one of the reasons why Gilmore and co never get asked about their past during interviews like Gerry Adams and pretty much everyone in Sinn Féin does. Vincent Browne is one of the very few media personalities who makes an attempt. As a result of his journalistic investigations into the Workers' Party (it was also known as Sinn Féin the Workers' Party), the OIRA and the murder of Seamus Costello, he suffered death threats in the 80's. You can find many of the articles in question, which first appeared in Magill, at the following links. They are essential reading and outline the links between the Workers' Party and the OIRA as well as describe the types of activity the OIRA got up to:

SFWP - in the shadow of a gunman

The secret world of the SFWP 

Why am I bringing this up?

None of this is widely known among the general public. It should be, so people can see just what these Labour party members have been associated with in the past and that they are in no position to be accusing others of having "some neck".

Tyrants… hypocrites… liars!
P.H Pearse, The Rebel


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  1. interesting article but just to play devils advocate my experience with political parties, central sucks money from local branches not the other way around, i could have a bias in that in that i was never in a head office but thats my memory of it. Maybe the advantage as you touched on with workers party local branches was with the printer they had cheaper printing costs, leaflets and posters which would off set a lot of costs for local branches. Maybe a similar effect to what the article is suggesting but not the same thing as having money trown at them. Did they used to give their paper out for free? That would be an expensive thing to do. I used to sell papers for the other lot and in our area at least if you gave it away you put your hand in to your own pocket to pay for it, costs could run up quickly for unsold papers if the proper procedure of returns was not followed, found it strange that they gave theirs away for free and how they managed it. Daft as well in a way, if they spent all that money on propaganda what did they have to show for it. Was their target market more in line with their thinking at the end of it, no. Secret cummman a better investment alright.

  2. Gilmore and Rabbitte have blood on their hands,directly or indirectly,and they are cynical people at best and downright corrupt liars and frauds at best.Knowing as much as I do and not being at liberty to reveal all that I do know about these parasitic criminals,and In one instance during Rabbittes time in SFTWP whilst he was canvassing in Clondalkin he was contemptous of the volunteer canvassers and the public in general, so much so that 3 of his team of canvassers just threw the literature on the ground and walked away from him on the spot, and never returned either. He is an obnoxious coward,and the mark of him and Gilmore is to attack anyone who presents any kind of rational or logical argument. the true sign of cowardice, when cornered attack, even its only the messenger.Labour are ruined and they brought it on themselves.

  3. I see no mention of Cathal Goulding or his lover Moira Woods who had two children by Goulding. Goulding and Woods were personal friends of DeRossa, Pat McCartan, Rabbite and Gilmore among others. Rumour has it that Woods was an information officer for the OIRA. It was the women members of the Workers Party who went public in their defence of Woods when she was found guilty of misconduct. Sewer rats one and all. RTE is over-run by their ilk.

    1. Brian Lynch, brother of Bernard and Labour TD Ciarán Lynch was believed to be behind the various counterfeiting enterprises the Workers Party got up to. I think I am right in saying that there is a warrant out for his arrest and he is actually "on the run" but An Garda Siochána aren't actually trying very hard to arrest him, if indeed he is in Ireland. Interpol aren't having much luck either. If any other TD (cough, SF for example) had a brother on the run we would never hear the end of it. I've been made aware of another few misdeeds of the labour crop of ex strickies, I will eventually get around to updating and extending this blog post, there's a lot more to said but next to no-one is asking the questions.

    2. "There's a lot more to said but next to no-one is asking the questions. "

      Always found it curious that whilst the PIRA was the object of an enormous literature, the OIRA seemed to be well out of the limelight, notwithstanding them being at the roots of the IRSP/INLA, and as here the SFTWP. Looking forward to reading more, thanks.

  4. How many innocent people did the PIRA murder and mutilate in their "war" on the British. By all accounts most of them were Irish men, women and children. They were involved with leading drug dealers and the majority of their American support came from right-wing Irish Americans. Most contributors to this article seem to decry the fact that people had the audacity to condemn the PIRA

  5. 'Anonymous.. Anonymous..Anonymous..Anonymous..Anonymous..Anonymous..

    The no nuts version of Irish politics. Including 'UnitedIrishmanblogspot' - No names, no balls.

    1. provo trolls are worthless...provos are catholic sectarian and empty of genuine socialism

    2. The sources on which the article is based are not anonymous... if there is something incorrect in what has been written feel free to point it out...

      As it stands now a few years down the line from when this post was originally written quite a few things have changed, Gilmore and Rabbitte are finished in politics (with their party not far behind them), no doubt with cushy jobs lined up.

      This blog post was written in large response to the baying from the likes of Gilmore about the PIRA from a position of gross hypocrisy which they have never been called out on.

  6. you seem obsessed by Officals who went on ceasefire in 1972...

    1. when did they murder Larry White and Seamus Costello ??? they where cowards who murdered their own before they would stand up to the british /ruc remember the walls in west Belfast IRA I RAN AWAY sticks most ended up as agents for mi5/6 and criminals brought shame on the name republican as the tied their name to north Korea amongst others claimed ceasefire in the north because they where run out of Belfast

  7. about time the story is told to the masses conned by this scum


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